David Turner, traducteur technique anglais
utilisateur de Déjà Vu et memoQ, spécialisé dans la traduction de documents en aéronautique, armement et défense, espace, marine, énergie, transport, informatique et nouvelles technologies
Les plus grands noms de l’industrie de haute technologie
Agosta, TGV, Ariane, Falcon
Compétences techniques et linguistiques, rapidité et réactivité, avance technologique
David Turner, French/Spanish/English translator
Déjà Vu and memoQ user, specialised in the translation of documents in the aerospace, defence, naval, energy, transport, information and communication technologies fields
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Word "tag soup" cleanup macros
Powerful intra-document fuzzy match and term/phrase extraction tool


Donation pot for CodeZapper development. To help ensure its continued availability and improvement, there is now a one-time, 20 euro contribution for the program. This will entitle you to free future upgrades. Having made this payment through the PayPal "Donate" button above, please contact me at the link below. I'll then forward the program and ReadMe to you by email.

Hacène Dramchini and myself have now joined forces and he has agreed to evenutally take over CZ development and support completely. Hacène is a highly experienced English to French translator who has always been interested in ways of streamlining his workflow and automating repetitive tasks. In doing so, he has become an expert in VBA for MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access. He is also responsible for the technical content of the Out of Office newsletter:

To obtain CodeZapper by email, contact me here

What is “CodeZapper”?

Latest build: 2_9_4

"CodeZapper" is a powerful, easy to use set of Word VBA macros designed to “clean up” Word files before being imported into a standalone translation environment (DVX, memoQ, SDL Studio, TagEditor, Swordfish, OmegaT, Wordfast Pro, etc.).
Word documents are often strewn with “rogue codes” or junk tags (so-called “smart tags”, language tags, track changes tags, spellchecker tags, soft hyphenations, scaling and spacing changes, redundant bookmarks, etc.).
This tagged information shows up in the translation grid as spurious codes{1}around{2}, or even in the mid{3}dle of, words, making sentences difficult to read and translate and generally negating many of the productivity benefits of the program.
OCR’d files or PDF converted files are even worse and often end up as a “code soup”.
CodeZapper attempts to safely remove as many of these unnecessary tags as possible while retaining formatting and layout. It can be run at the press of a button on a single file or all the files in a folder in batch mode. It also contains a number of other useful macros (tidying up PDF converted files, temporarily moving bulky pictures out and back into files to speed up import, etc.). No installation is required as such. The template .dot file can be either copied to Word's startup folder or loaded from the templates and add-ins folder.
Please note that CodeZapper will not run natively on a Mac. It requires Word 2003 (for Windows) upwards.

What translators say about CodeZapper

"I think CodeZapper by Dave Turner should be installed on every system used by translators"
Heinrich Pesch

"I love this set of macros, couldn't translate without it anymore!"
M. Asselin

"Dave's macros are about the easiest, most reliable way I know of escaping Code Hell most of the time"
Kevin Lossner

"It's one of my favourite tools since a large proportion of the files I am sent have been converted from pdf and are decidedly code-ridden"
Janine Roberts

"I've just used the CodeZapper macros for the first time on a PDF-converted file. Awesome!"
Marek Pawelec

"I highly recommend it"
Julio A. Juncal

"I just received a VERY large job consisting of 130 files with LOTS of codes in it. Ran CZL in batch mode, and almost all the codes were gone"
Clemens Wilhelm

"Donating 20 euros to Dave Turner for his amazing CodeZapper may well turn out to be one of the best investments you make as a translator!"
Herbert Eppel, HE Translations

"Your macros got me out of a tricky situation having taken on a big translation project unaware that the files were converted pdfs and riddled with spurious tags. They cleaned them up to a sufficient extent that I was able to translate the job in TagEditor"
Robin Thomson

"When I imported my document into my CAT tool, it was riddled with tags (every other word in the segment had them making the document impossible to read). David's CodeZapper got rid of them and the document turned out squeaky clean"
Sharon Queano

"I'm really astonished with what this tool can do. I tried it on a really awful file and it worked amazingly well"
Sabrina Almeida

"I was horrified to see a pdf-converted file was full of tags. After zapping it with CZ, there wasn't a rogue code in sight"
Jacqui Birnie

"Thank you for developing this tool. It works brilliantly and I will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues!"
Hazel Underwood, Word Converters Ltd.

Also see PhraseMiner

Powerful intra-document fuzzy match and term/phrase extraction tool

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